1. Low foam detergent or defoamer

L61, L64, F68 in polyether series can be used to prepare synthetic detergent with low bubble and high detergents, and can also be used as defoamer in papermaking or fermentation industry. F68 can also be used as an antifoaming agent for blood circulation in artificial heart-lung machines to prevent air from entering.


2. Excipients and emulsifiers

Polyethers have low toxicity and are commonly used as drug excipients and emulsifiers. Polyethers are commonly used as excipients and emulsifiers in nasal sprays, eye drops, ear drops and shampoos


3. Wetting agent

Polyether is an effective wetting agent, which can be used in fabric dyeing, photo development and acid transfer. When F68 is used in sugar mills, more sugar can be obtained due to the increased permeability of water.

4. Anti-static electricity

Agent polyether is a useful antistatic agent, L44 can provide long-lasting electrostatic protection for synthetic fibers.

5. Dispersant

Polyether is used as a dispersant in emulsion coatings. As an emulsifier, F68 can be used in vinyl acetate emulsion polymerization. L62, L64 can be used as pesticide emulsifier, as coolant and lubricant in metal cutting and grinding. Polyether can also be used as a rubber vulcanization lubricant.

6. Demulsifier

Polyether can be used as crude oil demulsifier, L64, F68 can effectively prevent the formation of hard scale in the oil pipeline and the recovery of secondary oil.

7. Paper auxiliaries

Polyether can be used as papermaking agent, F68 can effectively improve the quality of coated paper.


8. Viscosity regulator

F38 can be used as emulsifier, wetting agent, defoamer, demulsifier, dispersant, antistatic agent, dust removal agent, viscosity regulator, foam control agent, levelling agent, used in the production of agricultural chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals. Polyether can also be used in metal processing cleaning, pulp and paper industry, textile processing, water treatment, can also be used as a bleaching agent

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